José Ramón Martinez

..... a Swiss photographer with Spanish roots. As a marketing and consulting expert in the food industry, his first professional photographs were mostly assigned by clients for the use in their catalogues and webpages. From there he developed his photographic skills by passing a wide education with the best and renowned photographers, mostly in North America, trough workshops and specific seminars. He learned different lighting techniques and composition, including the psychological aspect of working with people in front of the camera. Trough the past years many of his photographs have been published in magazines and newspapers, including an historic book. Among his other specialities, he also photographs art work, such as paintings and artefacts for museums and art collector. Nowadays he mostly shoots commercial photographs for international corporations and runs a studio in his hometown Solothurn, where he also teaches basic photography and specific theme workshops. José has been married for more than 20 years with his wife Patricia and lives in a small town near Solothurn.